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3/15/09 06:28 pm - Icons, Textures, Patterns and my latest Tees.

Download textures HERE
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2/24/09 12:53 am - Votes please.


I could realllllly appreciate it if you could vote for a t-shirt design of mine that I entered in a contest.
If you like it that is.
Thanks! :)

Ps. Some more textures are on there way.

11/26/08 10:26 pm - The Bubbler Font

Download @ DA

Comments are very appreciated.

11/26/08 12:34 am - 100 Icons

Comments & credit are always appreciated.

Behind the cut:
Fashion Photography
Zooey Deschanel

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11/25/08 05:46 pm - Fashion Model Tutorial


10 steps in Photoshop CS3
Should be translatable to earlier versions.
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11/20/08 04:11 pm - Newest Tee Designs.

Buy it here

A few more tees under the cut!
Check it out!

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10/23/08 03:17 am - Gold Space Textures

Download @ Box.net

Comments and credit are always appreciated.

Also I have some t-shirts for sale you might like, and until the 30th you can get free shipping by using the code: 100000masterpieces when checking out!

10/22/08 11:30 pm - Shirts for sale! Free shipping untill the 30th with code.

If you want free shipping use the code: 100000masterpieces when checking out!
Promotion will expire at 2359 on 30 October (GMT).

Buy it here

Many more tees under the cut!
I hope you like them.

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10/2/08 07:51 pm - Underpaid Sign Painter.ttf

Download at DA

9/24/08 03:20 am - Dirty Joe - Grungy Alphabet Brushes

Download @ DA

No credit required.
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